LJ Love


  • Wrestler: The Undertaker
  • PPV: Royal Rumble
  • Commentator: Jim Ross
  • Entrance Music: Shinsuke Nakamura & Bobby Roode
  • Manager/Valet: Miss Elizabeth


I started watching wrestling when I was little with my Dad on Saturday mornings. I’m not really sure why he started watching it, or why he thought it was a good idea for me to watch it, but he did, and I was hooked.

I was lucky enough to go to a few live events as a child. I received tickets for my very first event for Christmas one year. Best gift EVER. I remember arriving at the arena that night; it had been snowing outside. Apparently they cancelled the event due to the weather. I don’t remember feeling disappointed, but I’m sure I was. BUT, being that we drove all the way out there, we somehow got our seats upgraded for the rescheduled event, and I got to sit front row!! Now, this was back with the Hart Foundation was a tag team still, and Bret Hart still wore the black glasses. I was a shy child so I remained seated during all the entrances and didn’t really interact like the other kids did with the wrestlers. But then the Hart Foundation came out, and Bret Hart picked me. Me! Of course I knew to stand up so he could put the glasses on me. I’ll NEVER forget that moment. And yes, I still have those glasses.

There was always so much anticipation for the ppvs. Back then it was only the main four; and even more anticipation for them to be released on video. Luckily the video store was right down the street! Kids these days don’t know how lucky they are that there is a network and that ppvs aren’t $60 to watch anymore.

I was also lucky enough to be at the first Hell in a Cell with The Undertaker & Shawn Michaels. This was also Kane’s debut. This was all back when wrestling was still more real to me, and I had no reason to believe that Kane wasn’t Undertaker’s real brother, so this was a scary, but awesome moment!

I did have a lapse in watching wrestling, but I got back into it about 5 or so years ago. And then I met my boyfriend, David, about 3 years ago, and my passion for wrestling reignited. Wrestling is on our tv 3+ days a week, and if we aren’t watching it we are talkingabout it. I call it passion, some may say obsession, but whatever it is, it’s fun and I’m happy!




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