The Royal Rumble 2018

The 2018 Royal Rumble has the potential to be one of the best. Not only will we have the first ever Women’s Rumble, but with the brands being split, this will allow almost all 30 superstars to be TOP stars.
Part of the excitement of the Royal Rumble is who, if anyone, returns to the ring for one last shot. With the women only having 18 entrants (as of Jan. 24th), I hope to see a few NXT women and the greats from the past. However, with the men, I feel that surprise entrants are limited due to the depth of both rosters.

How would I book the Rumble?

Men’s Royal Rumble:

  • #1 This spot would of course need to go to the underdog babyface and this year it should be Sami Zayn, but not because he’s the underdog babyface (even though he still is at heart), but because he’s on Shane McMahon’s bad side. I would have a match prior to the Rumble with a stipulation that if Zayn/Owens lose, then one of them enters at #1.
  • Roman Reigns will be in this Rumble, only to get eliminated quickly by Braun Strowman. This would allow Braun to continue to be the monster, it would make Reigns a non player, and it would get a HUGE pop from the crowd. It’s really the least WWE could do after shoving Reigns down our throats for the past few years.
  • Shane will take out an entrant and take his place so he himself can eliminate Zayn and Owens. This will only add to the current story line of Shane letting his personal feelings get in the way of doing his job correctly.
  • Daniel Bryan will be a surprise entrant, but only do to Shane getting involved. This will lead to the spot where all ring action stops and the two go at it, and eventually the eliminate themselves by going over the top rope together.
  • There will need to be a spot where Zayn and Owens are in the ring by themselves. Owens will be a late entry because Sami will have taken the fall for the team. An exhausted Zayn and Owens will have no choice but to try and eliminate each other, the elimination wont happen because a new superstar will enter the ring.
  • #29 Pete Dunne. This guy is amazing. This will be a great spot, and people will believe that he could actual win the Rumble due to his ruthless nature.
  • #30 This is such a coveted and honorable spot to have in the rumble. This will be Daniel Bryan’s spot, and this is where he and Shane will have their run in, and eliminate each other.

WINNER: Kevin Owens – This will set up AJ vs Owens at Mania, but before mania hits, Kevin Owens will have to fight to keep the opportunity he has earned from the rumble.


Women’s Rumble

First and foremost, I would have Auska win the title before the Rumble so it opens the field up for anyone to win. Yes, she has lost a battle royal in NXT, and yes, they can say “She’s undefeated in single’s competition”, but I just think that sounds ridiculous.

  • #1 Bayley
  • #2 Nia Jax
  • Stephanie McMahon will be an entrant. This will happen early in the match and Bayley will be the one to eliminate her, after first being scared and unsure if she should fight the boss.
  • Bayley will also eliminate Sasha Banks at some point during the match. This will allow for a sub story line between Bayley and Sasha while Bayley faces backlash for eliminating Stephanie McMahon.
  • Trish and Lita will team up at some point in the match and eliminate either the ladies from Absolution or the Riott squad (such a stupid name)
  • #30 Alexa Bliss will have this last spot. She will end up in the final two with Bayley because she will have sat and watched everyone else eliminate each other. Bayley will eventually eliminate Alexa after Alexa tries some trickery and rolling out of the ring multiple times.

WINNER: Bayley – This will set up her vs Auska at Wrestlemania. This will put both ladies on the map as strong female competitors and they will have the opportunity to steal the show.


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