Thank you Naomi……

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In a male dominated world of wrestling, and in a world of wrestling where there isnt alot of people of color, Naomi is a perfect representation of someone who is strong, fearless, able to be themselves unapologetically and someone who doesnt fit a mold. She isnt like anybody who came before her and she cant be duplicated.

You can count on your hands the number of Black women superstars with 2 hands and the number of black women’s champions on one hand. From the dangerous Jacqueline and her strength and will to fight men and women to Jazz who was rough and tough and a genetic beast to Alicia Fox who was the only Black Divas Champion….Naomi carved her own space. Her entrance is edm and fun, she is super athletic, her move set is THE most versatile on the Smackdown roster PERIOD.

Keep up the good work. Little girls are watching you and people like me are inspired by your originality.

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