Women’s MITB 2017

Well the first ever women’s MITB match is over and wow…. I’m floored. I literally yelled “no..not this” at my tv screen. Why WWE…why?

It really is upsetting that these deserving women had their moment taken away. Lets forget about the storyline & lets forget about the person that “won” and lets talk about how this history making match was turned into a joke.

Its a joke because these capable women didn’t even get to have their moments. The match was short. They didnt get to have their big ladder spots, and none of them got to have the honor of climbing the ladder and winning that contract.

It would be different if this wasnt the FIRST. It would be different if there werent capable women. It would be different if Ellsworth only got involved. But no, he was the one that climbed the ladder in the first women’s MITB and released the briefcase. A man. I can’t imagine the shock and hurt they felt when they were told that Ellsworth was “winning”.

I, a woman, have been waiting for this type of women’s match for a couple of years now. I was only disappointed that not all the women could compete in it. It was so great that they got to open the show, and they hype built up before the match was great. It felt important. It felt exciting. This was a big deal.

I understand that this has more to do with storyline, and much needed heat for Carmella, but sometimes WWE needs to reward the people that work hard for them. This is just like how Mojo only won the Andre the Giant Battle Royal because WWE wanted Gronk involved for the sportscenter spot. And Jinder Mahal is champion so WWE can tap into the Indian market. Its unfortunate that stars like Sami Zayn, Bayley, Becky Lynch, and Bray Wyatt will always get looked over so WWE can accomplish whichever storyline they are trying to push at thr moment. I guess WWE gets a kick out of trolling their fans.

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  • Posted: 06/19/2017 13:24


    I agree, it does have a "Santina Marella" or a "hervina" feel to it.