Payback 2017 : Likes & Dislikes

Overall, this was a solid pay-per-view for the red brand. Although some of the new/returning RAW Superstars were missing from this ppv, all participating Superstars provided great entertainment. For me, there were a few surprises, and there was also a couple times when I actually screamed at my TV. I was invested and entertained and that’s what a pay-per-view should do. Now that this ppv is past us, I need to see The Miz, Dean Ambrose, & Finn Balor utilized correctly.


The Sheamus & Cesaro backstage interview. Both guys played their role extremely well, Sheamus being the cocky & better than my partner heel, and Cesaro being the voice of reason & that he and his partner are equal. I love them as a tag team and I think this is the best that both guys have been in quite a while.

Finn Balor & Miz TV. Balor hasn’t had to cut too many promos since being in WWE, and it shows. Granted it’s hard to go toe to toe with Miz, on Miz TV, but this showed how lacking his mic skills are.

Jericho winning the title back. I’m hoping this sets up a triple threat match on SmackdownLive either this week, or the next. However, I did want the match to be more brutal. I wanted to believe that both of these guys hate each other now and would do whatever was necessary to win.

The cruiserweight match. It wasn’t very high flying, but it was smooth and quick, like a cruiserweight match should be. It kept me interested throughout. The rest of the cruiserweight division needs to learn from these two, and come up to their level.

The end of the cruiserweight match. I literally screamed “COME ON” to my tv. It also makes me hate the ‘champion’s advantage’ rule. BUT, getting disqualified is extremely heel-like and will bring even more heel heat to Neville. It will also set up another great match between these two. Hopefully.

The tag team championship match. This was a solid match with both teams having great tag team action. There wasn’t one guy from a team putting in all the work, only for the other to come in and clear house.

The Sheamus and Cesaro heel turn. This will add something fresh to the tag team division. Both guys have worked heel before and have done well at it! I had been waiting for this turn for the past couple of weeks, and was a little disappointed when it seemed like it wasn’t going to happen…and then BAM!

Alexa counting with the Ref while she stood on Bayley’s hair. Genius.

Alexa winning the championship. So she’s the best of the Women’s division now? She’s better than Charlotte? She’s the one that wins both titles first? Although Alexa is great, and on of the best on the mic, Charlotte should have conquered the Smackdown women first. Also, if Bayley doesn’t gain some type of fire to get back ‘her’ title..then all of this would have been for nothing. Also, who does Alexa face now assuming she retains the title during their rematch. Nia Jax? That’s just ridiculous. Sasha & Alexa could do well together, but then where does that leave Nia? and Bayley?

House of Horrors match. I liked the match, but I felt like more could have been done, especially since it was filmed prior to the event. The house was only a tad creepy, and it was all stuff to be expected. I loved when Orton looked in the window, saw Bray, and then the lights turned on. And I also thought both guys did great fighting each other. But, where was Sister Abigail? She could have been part of the mind game during this. A rocking chair was she should have been too.

The perfect timing of the House of Horrors match returning to the arena. I wish there would have been a segment that would have been interrupted because Bray returned to the arena.

Randy Orton being in the ring when Bray returned. I had actually wanted him to be the limo driving (a la Undertaker & Teddy Long), but this was good too.

The Signh Brothers interferring in the House of Horrors match. Although it make sense for the Mahal/Orton feud, it still makes Bray look weak an that he can only win if someone interferes. So much good could have came out of a clean victory.

Seth Rollins vs. Samoa Joe. This was a solid wrestling match. I was hoping for some sort of interference so neither of them had to get pinned clean, but I’m glad that Samoa Joe as the one that was pinned. That will allow him to seek revenge for also being embarrassed by Seth Rollins.

Roman’s non dominant shoulder being bandaged up. He can still do all of his 3 moves without that shoulder, so why even pretend that he’s injured?

Braun Stroman. I’m a fan. He’s big, powerful, agile, & he’s great at portraying absolute brutal destruction. It’s hard to watch, but that’s what makes it great. I wouldn’t mind seeing this translate into a match against Brock Lesnar in the future.

Roman’s defense. He did great at being injured. He also did great at using Braun’s size and momentum against him.



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