Payback 2017 Predictions

The ‘new season’ is now upon us. The Superstar Shakeup was great, and this will be the first PPV after Mania & the Shakeup. Most of these feuds are still left over from what was started even before Mania, which leave this PPV a little stale, but here’s to hoping great things come afterwards. We should get some pretty new match ups and storylines as all of the previous storylines will have had their payoff.


  • Roman Reigns vs. Braun Stroman: Roman Reigns; I actually want to pick Braun Stroman, but lets face it., Roman won’t be losing a match for a long long time. I’m still mourning Undertaker’s loss to Reigns. My childhood is dead. I can’t express how much I hate that Reigns is now seemingly better than EVERYONE that has lost to Taker at Mania. Now granted, he is better than a couple (Giant Gonzalez & Mark Henry), but COME ON…If Shawn Michaels, Triple H, & CM Punk couldn’t beat him at Mania, why should I believe that Roman Reigns can. Uuugggghhh. End Rant. Braun Stroman is great, and his destruction makes me a little uncomfortable, but that’s why I like it. WWE is challenging kayfabe, and although we all know Roman wasn’t actually on the stretcher, and Kalisto was probably strapped into the dumpster, we still cringed watching it happen. With that said, I’m not ready for someone to beat the guy that beat The Phenom. Wouldn’t that make him better than Taker? Nope, not ready that.
  • Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt (House of Horrors Match): Bray Wyatt; WWE low key removed the championship from this match and I’m extremely happy about it. There was absolutely no way that Bray was going to win the championship with him being on RAW, and that would have completely ruined Bray Wyatt. WWE has already ruined him, and this would have just finished him off. BUT now…THERE IS HOPE! Bray needs this win, especially since he created the match. Their Wrestlemania match was a little lackluster to me. I actually liked the special effects, but everything just fell flat, especially since Bray lost even after all the trickery. I’m not sure what the House of Horrors match is gonna be like, but I’m intrigued and my mind is working overtime. Hopefully WWE doesn’t disappoint.
  • Kevin Owens vs. Chris Jericho (US Championship Match): Kevin Owens; I would like to see KO win this, only because Jericho gets disqualified all because Jericho just wants to hurt KO. Jericho shouldn’t care about the title and he should care about embarrassing the guy that embarrassed him.
  • Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss (Women’s Championship Match): Bayley; Although Alexa is great, Bayley needs to keep this title for longer. She needs to feud with Sasha so she can finally show how truly great she is on the main roster. I would also like to see this start a slight change in her character. We all know this is her dream, so now lets see her do what she needs to keep living it. I want to see her be more edgy, and have more fire. I want new promos that don’t mention this being her dream and her being a fan.
  • Seth Rollins vs. Samoa Joe: Samoa Joe; I need to see HHH and/or Stephanie McMahon interfere in this match to take revenge on Steph going through the table, even though it wasn’t Rollins’ fault. Samoa Joe doesn’t need help, but this is more about revenge and hurting Rollins, more that Samoa Joe winning.
  • The Hardy Boyz vs. Sheamus & Cesaro (Tag Team Championship Match): Sheamus & Cesaro (doo doo doooo); Now that the WWE Universe has gotten their Team Extreme fix, lets break them! Sheamus & Cesaro (doo doo doooo) have really done an outstanding job being a tag team; They even had a customized chant at the RAW after Mania. Having them win here will not only reward their efforts but could ‘break’ Matt Hardy. This would also allow for a new spin on their broken gimmick that everyone has loved.
  • Neville vs. Austin Aries (Cruiser-weight Championship Match): Austin Aries; Although Neville has done a fantastic job at carrying the cruiserweight division AND being the best heel in WWE, I think he would be even greater at chasing the title for a while. Aries will be a great champion and this will allow for some fresh matches in the division. I want to see Neville extremely frustrated that he has lost the title, and even more upset that now he’s at the bottom and has to work his way back up. His frustration will get the best of him and his opponents will “steal” victories.
  • Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson (Kickoff show): Gallows & Anderson; Really…this match doesn’t matter. I really don’t care who wins.
  • Miz TV featuring Finn Balor: Please, please, please let this lead to an Intercontinental Championship defense, In which Ambrose retains, which leads to more feuding between Miz and Dean. They are great together. Miz brings out the fire that Dean Ambrose was missing after he went to SmackdownLive, and it will also help bring the IC Title back to the forefront.


  • Roman Reigns vs. Braun Stroman: Roman Reigns; Simply because Roman wins. It should be Braun because Braun deserves to be pushed to be the biggest heel in WWE. He should literally destroy Roman in a match, but this is the WWE, and Roman Wins.
  • Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt (House of Horrors Match): Bray Wyatt; Can Bray finally win a high profile match? I sure hope so. He has a match custom made for him he NEEDS to win. If Bray loses once again it will become even more stale and possibly kill his amazing character.
  • Kevin Owens vs. Chris Jericho (US Championship Match): Kevin Owens;  A straight forward answer, Jericho’s on his way out for a break to tour with his band. Owens is not going to go to SD LIVE to lose the championship and go back to RAW. With this being the case have Owens destroy Jericho and either embarrass Jericho out of the WWE or “injure” him out of the WWE. Use Jericho’s departure to further  Owens.
  • Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss (Women’s Championship Match): Alexa BLiss; I do believe Bliss will become the Women’s champ. I would like to see this feud continue. Make us really fall in love with Bayley and see Bliss rip everything away from her. Bayley is absolutely loveable but she is missing something, a fire perhaps. Let Bliss bring that fire out in her much like Neville did to Zayn in NXT. This will need to be a slow build. Thats why Bayley needs to lose and realize what she needs to do to be a long reigning champion.
  • Seth Rollins vs. Samoa Joe: Seth Rollins; Rollins has to win. He cannot beat the cerebral assassin and then lose to the cerebral assassin’s right hand man, the destroyer. Hopefully they will tell a great story of how powerful Joe is yet still have Rollins prevail.
  • The Hardy Boyz vs. Sheamus & Cesaro (Tag Team Championship Match): Hardy Boyz; WWE has the rights to the ‘broken’ persona now,  but the Hardy Boyz will need to have a longer run before they break up. I hope that there is a way to keep Sheamus & Cesaro (doo doo dooo) in the title picture, even though they will face defeat.
  • Neville vs. Austin Aries (Cruiser-weight Championship Match): Neville; The king of the cruiserweights continues his reign as the king. I love Aeries and his work although he is much better suited as a heel. Neville has been the spark the CW division needed. After he wins his feud with Aries will we see the debut of Kalisto going for the CW title?
  • Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson (Kickoff show): Anderson & GallowsDue to how the Raw tag teams are shaping up we are in need of a strong heel team. The best duo for that would have been the revival who are not working right now. Step up the club. Anderson and Gallows are quietly hilarious and vicious in the ring.
  • Miz TV featuring Finn Balor: For some reason Dean Ambrose will interrupt.


  • Roman Reigns vs. Braun Stroman: 

Roman Reigns. I thinkthat he is coming back for his revenge and Braun has been unstoppable recently with just based on nobody being able to make him chill on destroying things 

  • Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt (House of Horrors Match):

I think Bray Wyatt wins. Mainly because its his match, he will have advantage. Also, its not for the championship so i can see Bray looking strong comjng out of this match. 

  • Kevin Owens vs. Chris Jericho (US Championship Match):

I think Kevin Owens wins. He is known for fighting to the bone for his titles and he is a title type of fighter. He will do whatever is needed to keep the title

  • Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss (Women’s Championship Match):

Sue me, but i really think Alexa has a good chance of winning. Her style is steaky and kind of scrappy. I wouldnt be surprised if she steals the win. 

  • Seth Rollins vs. Samoa Joe:

Samoa Joe is a destroyer and seth rollins is a king slayer. Samoa isnt a king. He will definitely put Seth to sleep. 

  • The Hardy Boyz vs. Sheamus & Cesaro (Tag Team Championship Match):

The Hardy’s retain. I expect sheamus and cesaro to not be as gracious as they were on monday and attack the hardy boyz. 

  • Neville vs. Austin Aries (Cruiser-weight Championship Match):

This is Austin Aries time. He will know to watch out for any tricks Neville will have including TJP and any cheating tactics 

  • Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson (Kickoff show): i think Enzo and Cass win. Big cass isnt going to let them get away with sneak attacking them last week
  • Miz TV featuring Finn Balor: i dont have any guesses on what would happen but i do see this setting up a series of matches and a storyline and the reintroduction of  Demon King

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