Taker’s Last Match : How I, LJ Love would book it…

The Undertaker has been one of the biggest names in wrestling for the past 25+ years, and in my opinion, has the best gimmick of all time.

The Deadman. The American Badass. The Phoenom.

When The Undertaker first arrived in WWE, he was truly frightening. Maybe it was because I was so young and wrestling was still so real to me, but I believed. I believed he was truly was in touch with the dark side. I believed he got special powers from the urn. I believed he was unstoppable. I believed that he could just sit up, no matter how much damage was dealt to him. I also believed that he could control the lights.

The Undertaker character is hands down the most complete, well thought out, and perfectly executed character.

The creation of The Undertaker also allowed for new matches. Matches that were different from what WWE had done previously. These were matches that also fit into the character of The Undertaker and allowed for the expansion of his character. The Casket Match, Hell in a Cell, Buried Alive, & the Inferno Match. Undertaker’s last match needs to be one of ‘his’ matches. I feel that the Casket match & buried alive matches are most iconic to The Undertaker.


The Miz vs. The Undertaker

  • Buried Alive Match
    • Why? First, an ultimate heel is needed to go against the most iconic Wrestlemania superstar. Fans want to cheer for the legend, and they don’t want anyone to put another dent in his record. I’m still not recovered from Wrestlemania 30. Second, The Miz is the guy people love to hate, and want to hate. Third, The Miz also isn’t afraid to have a cheap victory, and this is important.
    • How do we get there? It’s simple. Miz claims to be the most must see WWE superstar of all time. While Miz is hosting Miz TV and claiming to be that guy, The Undertaker appears claiming that he has defined what it is to be a superstar, and that he, The Undertaker, is actually the most must see superstar. Miz gets offended, tries to take down Taker while on Miz TV but gets tombstone piledriver instead. In the coming weeks Miz contines to call out Taker, saying he’s washed up, part-time etc. In steps Daniel Bryan who tells Miz to prove himself and sets up Miz vs Taker at Mania. Tuesday before Mania Daniel Bryan makes the match a buried alive match. Following this, Miz states that if taker loses, he retires.
    • The match: Let’s just skip ahead to how the match will end. Taker & Miz will be fighting grave side. Miz will start using anything and everything to take down the Undertaker. Enter Demon Kane. Kane is here to help his brother. Somehow Miz overcomes this and knocks out Kane. Taker is now up and ready and seems stronger than ever. Maybe Paul Bearer’s urn mysteriously appears and has an erie glow. Miz can’t believe what is happening, and cannot keep The Deadman down. At this point someone dressed as a druid and starts helping Miz. This doesn’t work, and more druids keep appearing. Finally, Taker cannot take anymore and The Miz along with the Druids bury The Deadman alive. Once the bell rings, Miz looks at the Druids, he maybe even smirks, and the hoods come down. There stands The Undertaker’s past wrestlemana opponets: Jake Roberts, Diesel, HHH, Ric Flair, Big Show, Randy Orton, Mark Henry, Batista, Edge, Shawn Michaels, HHH. Undertaker can go out, looking strong.
    • The outcome: Miz cements his place in history from beating the Deadman at Wrestlemania. The Miz has elevated himself and his character this past year, and he deserves that recognition. He will also be the perfect heel to repeatedly remind us of this feat, just like Paul Heyman did with Lesnar. This will bring even more heat to the most heelish character in WWE. This also allows for Undertaker to still go out on top, even though he loses.


photo: wwe.com

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