Underrated & Unappreciated: Summer Rae

I wanted to start posting who I thought was underrated and way under appreciated. (Photo credits to WWE and WWE.COM). You will probably want to fight me for this, so make it a grudge match. Without Summer Rae, there would be no Charlotte or Sasha Banks. 

You looking at me like this…..

I know, I know. Stay with me though.  I’ll take you back to august 2013. On the August 28 episode of NXT, Summer Rae attacked Emma after losing a match to her and poured Emma’s bubble solution in her eyes, after which Sasha Banks confronted Rae over the attack, with Rae saying that all that mattered was that she was getting noticed and telling Banks to make a statement in her upcoming match against Paige. When Sasha’s match came a few weeks later, she attached her after a losing streak. At this point, Sasha hadn’t been popular. Fast forward a bit, and we have the BFFS(Beautiful Fierce Females) who were winning matches. I’ll take you back a bit right after summer was the First Lady of NXT and kicking Paige’s ass. Whatever. 😂😂 they pick on Bayley, who gets Charlotte to team up with her but then Charlotte gets annoyed and at this point, to me, Charlotte wasn’t as popular. She was just Flair’s daughter. Which I thought was dope anyways.

photo cred to www.charlotte-flair.com

 So she joins the bffs who were most entertaining and dominate team in NXT.  they were unbeaten from November until January when Nattie came to NXT for Bayley. At this time, Summer went to main roster as Fandango’s dance partner and from there… she became lesss popular. She went from contending for the NXT women’s championship to a dancer and not really able to show what she can do while the bffs became a tag team and ate off of what Summer put together. 
On the July 3 episode of NXT, Charlotte and Banks defeated Bayley and Becky Lynch in a tag team match, after which Banks was attacked by Bayley, who stood up for Lynch, while Charlotte did not interfere. In a backstage segment, Banks dissolved her partnership with Charlotte, thus putting an end to the BFFs. The following week on NXT, Rae defeated Bayley in a number one contender’s match, earning a NXT Women’s Championship match against Charlotte.On the July 24 episode of NXT, Rae received her title shot against Charlotte, but she failed to capture the championship.
Long story short, Sasha and Charlotte go on to have this long and storied rivalry without even acknowledging Summer Rae on Main Roster. They have main evented raw, pay per views, had championships. Summer had a twitter war with Layla. And now she has been no where to be seen. Come back and claim your crown. 

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