Scikoe Says (Elimination Chamber)

Scikoe Here! With my first edition of Scikoe Says. It’ll just be what I thought about the show, some favorite moments and some not so favorite moments.

First off, why y’all cheering Ziegler for being up Apollo? What did Apollo ever do to y’all? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I just don’t see why it took Apollo and Kalisto to beat Ziegler. Apollo looks like more of a threat alone. Kalisto could handle him too. It made Dolph look stronger. This feud should be used to build Apollo up. Whatever πŸ™„.
Mickie James and Becky Lynch….. I think this was amazing. Mickie coming back is such a boost for the division (Raw and Smackdown). Its basically saying “Become a mother, live your life, conquer the world and come back home. Its inspiring. I’m waiting for Trish to come back like:

Becky Lynch really is amazing as well. She knows her character and she’s very comfortable. I’m glad it ended the way that it did. I have become a fan of roll up wins IF and ONY IF it makes sense.Beck’s win here didn’t make Mickie look weak.

On to the tag team Turmoil match. This is how you build someone up. American Alpha is amazing and will have longevity.
But match should have gone to the Usos. Only because they have this new look, new entrance, new gimmick but they haven’t been featured and they held the tag team division on their shoulders for about 2 years. They were the division. Argue with me. Before the “tag team revolution, the new day, or NXT tags” we had Usos. And they were consistant. Its their time.

Nikki Bella V Natalya needed to be the end here except for its extended. I’m glad it’ll be over next week. Its literally ran dry. BRING BACK QUEEN MELLA!!!
Im glad Harper will get his chance to shine soon. He’s super athletic and it’s time for the people who didn’t see him on NXT to know.

On to my personal favorite moment from the night was Naomi finally getting her moment. The goosebumps, the ending, the fact that I didn’t think she would win here, it was everything. Its well deserved. Β She still needs this program with Alexa. Alexa really stepped her game up. She’s no longer a rookie and is miles ahead of her NXT counterpart inCarmella.

Bray winning was a complete shock and it was also well deserved. For him to be consistent with tv time as well as how well he knows his character and to have never held a title is insane. But this was his time, and it made him look really strong.
To me, Elimination chamber was the best ppv since the split. The new chamber is nice but I feel they should’ve warned us πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I’ll see y’all next time for Scikoe Says.

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