New Authority?

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Gosh you need to love hHh’s inability to have his hands in everything and that man loves being on tv. He’s needed for the Rollins story line. Bringing in Samoa Joe to do the dirty work was perfect.

Now he had to be seen addressing KO just before KO drops the list of KO on us. In the situation this works and works well. Is Triple H setting up the grounds for a new authority? Owens and Joe working together sounds dangerous and part of a faction that could change the WWE. Then give them the backing of the shot callers? We’d be looking at a way more impactful authority than Rollins, Orton, Show, Kane, and J nd J security.

Id like to see J nd J get in the mix at fast lane to assist Owens in beating Goldberg. To further Owens and Jericho we can have Jericho stop Joey and Jamie.

With Hunter, Owens, Joe, J nd J we will have a new authority in place to abuse their power. It would be interesting to see their power reach to the other brand down the road.

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