How Wrestlemania Should Happen

The biggest fear to D-Dawg is that the rumors become true. Our Universal champion drops the title to Bill Goldberg to make Goldberg vs The Beast, The Conqueror, Brock Lesnar the biggest match in history. In an article about what should happen for Wrestlemania we do not have to abide by those rules. Kevin Owens does not drop the title to one Bill Goldberg.

While we’re on the subject lets start at “the biggest match in history.”  The match is an intriguing one. You have a once unstoppable force facing off against a seemingly unstoppable force. Goldberg has bested Lesnar 3 notable times twice in the last few months. Will it continue? D-Dawg does not think so. The beast will return to his best to down Goldberg. The run-up to mania should continue showing how Goldberg can best Lesnar, in all 3 of their appearances from now to then.  D-Dawg just does not see Goldberg as getting the W in the “Yeah But” match. This match means more to Brock’s continued dominance than giving Goldberg a good send off. If Goldberg were victorious what does that do to WWE’s biggest draw? If you have Lesnar fall to any younger superstar it is an instant send off to top Superstardom. You can not ruin that future opportunity.  The match it self should hopefully go at least 17-20 minutes. It will not be the best technical match on the card but it is one to put asses in seats. All eyes will be fixed on it. Do not give us another Summerslam quickie.

Following up the other side of the story, KO does keep the title going into Mania. While the Jericho and Owens storyline has been a good one it is time to top off all their hard work and have Jericho get fed up with being the underling to the Champ and want the title for his own. We all want it, have wanted it, and need it. The duo has done a good job at hinting at it and then pulling back the reins. Some real art is at work when these two are on the same screen. They have made us all think it and want it. It is time to have the two face off for the title at the Grand Daddy of them all.

It is hard to talk about Wrestlemania, especially what D-Dawg wants to happen, and not just make Zayn vs Owens happen. Zayn still has not seemed to connect quite the way he did in NXT. While we would love to see Owens vs Zayn it just is not quite time. This is a storyline that can be picked up at any point and hopefully some real time put into it next year to have a Mania match. These two could take the feud after summerslam and have one like the old days.

As for Zayn now the typical 6 man ladder match will occur. The match should once again be for the IC title which is currently not used and is as pointless has Becky Lynch yelling straight fire before one of the current ugliest spots in wrestling. We get a stipulation where Shane and Steph have a bet and put a bet on the line for Fastlane. On Raw or Smackdown a Raw superstar vs Smackdown Superstar match occurs the losing brand  puts their 2nd title, IC or US, on the line in a 6 man ladder match. Three SD superstars vs three Raw superstars. SD loses the match at Fastlane making the US title on the line.

Tune in later for more what should happen!

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