Elimination Chamber 2017 : Likes & Dislikes

Overall I think Elimination Chamber was a solid pay per view. Almost every superstar on the Smackdown Live! roster was included & every superstar had a solid showing. James Elsworth & Carmella were even included in a comedic way, and I think that says a lot about the blue brand. It was also the first ppv in a long time that didn’t have a screwy finish (if you don’t count Nikki & Natti’s double count out).  Going in to the pay per view I really didn’t know what to expect the outcomes to be, and I didn’t really see any obvious outcomes, and that was refreshing. However, besides Naomi and her title win, I wasn’t really excited about anything else.


 The length of the matches! Everyone actually got time to do their thing and it was great.

Mickie James’ entrance music. Its way to upbeat and fun for a heel.

Dolph attacking Kalisto before the match. Kalisto was unnecessary for this match, and it allowed Crews to have a proper WWE match. I’m still waiting for Apollo’s break out moment on the main roster and I’m hoping that Dolph will help him get there.

Kalisto returning during the match. Again, he was unnecessary, but that was also poorly done on Kalisto’s part. You can’t have someone barely able to walk to the ring all of the sudden be able to bounce off the top rope and then throw some kicks. Apollo was doing just fine without Kalisto, and it kind of cheapened the win.

Dolph attacking Apollo Crews after the match was over. This adds a more personal element to the feud especially since we didn’t really see them being ‘friends’ before Ziggler turned heel.

“Thank you Ziggler” after he ‘crushed’ Apollo’s ankle. WTF crowd?

The Tag Team Turmoil match. I dislike this match as a whole, but I did enjoy parts of it. Heath Slater & Rhyno did their part, and the Uso’s also excelled, however the order of the match wasn’t right for the challenge that American Alpha threw out. American Alpha should have started the match, and then beat all of the other tag teams to solidify them as being the top of the division. I also liked The Uso’s attacking American Alpha after their elimination because it was exactly what they needed to do as heels to get back into the tag team division as real contenders.

Nikki Bella in John Cena colors

Nikki vs Natalya. Although I dislike the premise behind the feud, both women have done a great job of playing their role. The match itself was solid too. I enjoyed the more mat based wrestling, and they told a great story in the ring. The spot with the sharp shooter turned into the STF was also great. I did want there to be a winner so the feud would be over, but the double count out was well executed.

Nikki & Natalya’s back stage segment. I just want this to be over. Also, Maryse standing there holding an extreme amount of powder doesn’t make sense. I get they are trying to set up a mixed tag feud for Mania, but that was just poorly done.

Naomi’s entrance. This will never get old to me. Feel the Glow has given her new life and it’s just so great to see!

Naomi winning the women’s championship. Naomi and Alexa had a decent match. It was slow at times but they both still have so much room to learn and grow.  I honestly thought Alexa would retain due to a screwy finish involving Mickie James, and then Naomi would win at Mania in some type of ‘special’ match. For me, this was the high point of the night. It’s about time for WWE to give Naomi that chance that she deserves and I hope she exceeds their expectations.

Bray’s entrance into the chamber. I loved how he stopped at each pod with the lantern to up the intimidation.

AJ Styles and John Cena starting the chamber match. Coming off an incredible Royal Rumble match this was perfect, and they didn’t disappoint.

Bray winning the match and the championship. I have a few issues with this and its all story-line based. Bray winning the championship came out of no where. He hasn’t really challenged for the title. He hasn’t been in the title picture really either. I wish there had been more of a build-up to his win. Maybe with him talking about how sister Abigail always believed in him. I also didn’t like how one sister Abigail took out Cena…and then Styles. Both Cena and Styles have kicked out of multiple finishers and for me to believe that they couldn’t kick out of Bray’s finisher doesn’t work. I just needed more (in story-line) for me to be happy about the outcome.

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